Surveillance and Access Control

Safety of real estate as well as on yachts is a big topic at all.

A modern, network based CCTV systems is build up

  • PoE based managed switched
  • Video Management System VMS
  • Network Storage 
  • Viewing stations
  • Mobile viewing
  • VPN Access from externally

Also important is monitoring of doors and windows and possibly remote opening of doors or remote locking

  • Door Bells
  • Door / Window Sensors
  • Motorised door locks
  • Access Cards
  • Logging of Door Access
  • Remote Open / Close


Light is emotion. Lighting is the most important thing 

A house can get a complicated installation when you deviate from the standard with one lamp on the ceilling in the middle of the room. Dozens of lighting circuits in a are not rare in modern installations. I am very experienced in 

  • Scene Control
  • Energy Distribution
  • Remote Control
  • DMX, DALI, others

Also in the exterior the perfect light setup is a must have. 

In this rough environment only special IP rated equipment can be used. 

Because of my experience in the yachting market I know very well what water tightness is.


Planning of Installation & Material Management  

This market is very important in these days. I can offer services in consultancy of installation and support:

  • Material Selection
  • Material Delivery
  • Supervision 
  • Connection Schematics
  • Administration

Switchboards and Energy monitoring is one of the biggest challanges of this time.

Systems I take care of are

  • Automation
  • Energy Flow Control
  • Load Balancing
  • Energy Storage
  • Overview Dashboards
  • Optimization