CF Solutions



I have more then 20 years experience in engineering, commissioning and quality control of electric and electronic installations. This makes me to the perfect partner for your project.  

The fields of working are broadly diversified. The same applies to the content.  

The two major sectors I am working in are the yachting industry and high end real estate projects. 

I am working on new builds as well as on refit projects. I am focussed on the following topics:

  • Alarm, Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Safety Installation
  • Lighting Systems
  • Surveillance (Door Access and CCTV)
  • Navigation and Communication
  • HMI
  • Internet and IT
  • Safety Systems
  • Sub-Distribution for Power
  • Emergency Power Concepts
  • Photo Voltaik

Security System

Light Concepts

Automation & Monitoring

Yacht Electronic

Access Control

Photo Voltaik


If you are interested in my cooperation do not hesitate and give me a call or write me an email to discuss your request.